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Combining work and maternity leave

Combining work and maternity leave

Maternity leave can be combined with part time employment. In this case, the employee keeps both the salary and the maternity leave allowance.

The law does not specify how much the working day should be reduced for an employee to keep the allowance. That is why there were many cases when the working day was reduced formally – by 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Recently the Social Fund has clarified that the allowance can only be kept if an employee has enough free time to take care of the child. According to the Fund, reducing working day by an hour does not allow to take proper care of the child. In this case the employee does not keep the right to the allowance. Latest court decisions are in line with the Fund’s opinion.

In order to avoid disputes it is recommended to check possible reduction of working day with the local office of Social Fund.