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Qualification of employees to be assessed by independent experts

Qualification of employees to be assessed by independent experts

Federal law “On Independent Assessment of Qualification” came into legal force in the beginning of 2017. Now the specialized centers of qualification assessment are entitled to check whether an employee or a candidate conforms to the requirements of a certain profession.

Requirements to professions (such as level of education, knowledge, skills, etc.) are set forth by professional standards issued by Russian Ministry of Labor (Mintrud). Currently the professional standards are obligatory for the employers.

An employee or a candidate may undertake qualification assessment at his/her own initiative or by the assignment of the employer. In the latter case consent of the employee is required. The employer may regard the expenses incurred for such assessment as tax deductibles.

Qualification assessment is made in the form of examination and upon successful completion a certificate of qualification is issued. All certificates are registered with the National Agency for Qualification Development.

Independent assessment is intended to facilitate dispute resolution between an employee and an employer regarding qualification and to simplify the application of professional standards.