Bellerage Alinga


Audit, transformation and preparation of consolidated statements

Like the other solutions offered by Bellerage, the services referred to in this section are aimed at creating added value for the client’s business.

An independent audit of financial statements is vital for all external users, including prospective and existing shareholders, investors and creditors. In many cases, audit, transformation and consolidation of financial statements are also required by tax authorities or by the client’s corporate policy.

Bellerage Alinga offers a wide range of services focused on enhancing business stability

These services support the client’s departments in charge of internal control, discovering of a wide range of risks leading to recommendations that will work to mitigate or to eliminate the risks.

Audit services

A comprehensive independent audit (due diligence) is an integral part of implementing transactions for sale-purchase of assets or companies:

- Audit according to Russian and international financial reporting standards

- Financial statement consolidation

- Financial statement transformation for compliance with international standards (IAS, IFRS, US GAAP)

- Tax audit

- Audit of internal control

- Comprehensive internal audit performed on the basis of an agreed-upon list of tested risks

- Comprehensive external audit (due diligence) performed on the basis of an agreed-upon list of tested risks