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Bellerage Alinga’s corporate culture is characterized by its atmosphere of openness, friendliness and cooperation

A wide range of services used by our clients gives our team members the opportunity to start or continue careers in finance and accounting, legal services, taxation, audit, IT and in many others.

We expect our employees to do their best to excel beyond the highest international standards in all working aspects, to be energetic and active, to work well in teams and to always produce results that reflect excellence.

Bellerage Alinga encourages and facilitates its employees’ professional and personal growth. Our employees can work across various departments within the company and become highly qualified professionals and managers.

The available training and career development programs further enable our team to compete in a rapidly changing business environment and look with confidence into the future.

Bellerage Alinga’s corporate culture is characterized by a climate of openness, friendliness and cooperation.

Since we spend considerable time interacting with clients and their companies, we hold our established business ethics in the highest esteem.

The company’s high expectations for its employees are fully commensurate with the compensation packages offered.

Bellerage Alinga also offers flexible hours and part-time jobs to undergraduate students.


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Feel free to send us your CVs to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If we are unable to offer you a job based upon your current qualifications, your CV will be entered into our database and we will contact you at the first available opportunity.

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