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Technological trends in retail

Technological trends in retail

Retail is famous for tough competition, and therefore retail sellers have to use latest advanced technologies in order to attract new customers.

Advertising in the mobile Internet segment. According to statistics, online advertising generates most of the profit. However, despite the growth of mobile segment, purchases are made twice as often on desktop versions of online shops. This is due to the fact that many websites are poorly adapted for display on mobile devices. Therefore, many retailers are improving mobile versions of their web pages.

Local marketing. Retailers are starting to use geotracking technology to send information about their stores, current promotions and special offers. Such sudden alerts act as an effective "bait" for customers - up to 50% of customers are more likely to enter the store if they receive a mobile coupon. Inside the store, “Beacon” technology is used - small beacons recognize the buyer's smartphone and send notifications of a short-term bonus or a discount.

Technologies of data analysis. Some large retailers use Big Data technologies to analyze demand for certain goods, identify the break-even price, prevent fraud and even choose location of outlets based on heat maps of movements of local residents.

Electronic price tags. Electronic price tags are displays that show information about the product and its price. This technology appeared abroad about 20 years ago, but in Russia the process of introducing them into stores was legislatively simplified only in 2016. A store equipped with such displays not only saves on printing paper tags but also gets an excellent tool for attracting customers. With the help of electronic price tags, it becomes possible to dynamically or even personally manage the prices of goods, and to display product reviews.

Increase the speed of service. Retailers try to speed up customer service at the checkout, which includes allowing customers to serve themselves by scanning their purchases. The technology of electronic fitting rooms is also becoming popular – a built-in camera displays the image of the person with a superimposed image of the item. Since the sensors respond to every movement of a person, the buyer can observe the clothes from different sides.

Pleasant trifles. In order to attract customers and increase the time spent in stores, retailers are installing stations for charging mobile gadgets and access points for free Wi-Fi. In addition, with the help of free Wi-Fi retailers offer customers discounts on goods in exchange for publications in social networks mentioning the store.