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Liberalization of Immigration Legislation

Liberalization of Immigration Legislation

Starting November 1st 2019 a residence permit will be issued with unlimited validity period to everyone except highly qualified specialists (HQS) and members of their families. For HQS their relatives it will be still issued for the period of a work permit. In addition, time for considering a request for a residence permit will be reduced from six down to four months. Currently, a residence permit is issued for 5 years period, with the possibility of extension. 

The same Federal Law expanded the list of persons who:

a) Could receive residence permit without prior receipt of a temporary residence permit (РВП)

b) Could receive temporary residence permit excluding quotas approved by the Russian Government.

The taken measures liberalizing the law are basically directed towards Ukrainian citizens awaiting Russian citizenship. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia supposes 3 million people will become Russian citizens with this simplified program in the period from 2019 to 2025.