Bellerage Alinga


We specialize in the areas that many companies perceive as auxiliary

Implementation of the best global practices; proven skills in selecting and motivating highly qualified professionals in accounting, finance, audit, legal and IT matters; more than ten years of experience operating in local markets – all these contribute to the effective outsourcing solutions we offer to our clients.

From this wide range of services, our clients can always select those that will best correspond to their preferences, allowing us to then create the best solution.

Regardless of the client’s business scale and profile, our efficient solutions are always adaptable to individual needs.

To appraise the expediency and efficiency of an outsourcing solution, it is necessary to take into account the entirety of the advantages that would be obtained.


General advantages of outsourcing

- Release of managerial, financial, human and other resources for core business development

- Access to technologies, experts and knowledge bases that are usually available to major companies only

- Enhancement of document work flow and improved efficiency of all business processes

- Mitigation of operating risks by the provider, who undertakes financial liability for the quality of rendered services

- Opportunity to get ahead of competitors by not spending unnecessary time on organizing and improving auxiliary business practices