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Labor Books to become electronic

Labor Books to become electronic

The Ministry of Labor plans to replace paper labor books with electronic information from 2020.

The legislation is to be finally adopted at the end of November.

Innovations will be introduced consistently:

from 2020, employers will need to keep both electronic and paper labor books at the same time;

from 2021, paper books can be rejected, under the condition that the employee does not write a statement that he / she wants to continue using paper labor book;

from 2027, the obligation to maintain paper labor books will be abolished.

To implement this project, employers will need to prepare (adopt, change) local regulations, change agreements and collective agreements in advance, and notify employees of future changes in writing. 

From 2020, information about the employee has to be sent to the Pension Fund every month, and from 2021 — no later than the next working day after the employee’s information changed.