Deadline: General meeting of LLC participants

Dear Clients and Partners,

We would like to remind you that all LLCs must hold a regular General Meeting of participants to approve their annual results and the minutes of this meeting must be kept in the company files.

April, 30 2022 is the last day for these meetings to be held while the participants of a general meeting shall be notified not later than 30 days prior the meeting.

In case a company fails to call, prepare and hold the General Meeting as the law demands, the General Director and Chief Accountant may be fined up to 30 000 rubles; the company itself may be fined additionally up to 700 000 rubles.

We are ready to offer the full range of services to fulfill the above legal requirements:
• Preparation of the General Meeting's minutes and annual report
• Sending the minutes to the participants for signatures & apostille
• Organizing notarized Russian translation of the documents

Please inform us if you need our support, not later than April 23, 2022.

Anton Dzhibladze
Director, Business Launch & Support
+7 985 761 83 44
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